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Private Tango lessons

Traditional Argentine Tango - The Milonguero Style. By Prof. Walter González

The traditional Milonguero Style of Tango is not seen on stage and is not meant for public performances. Its purpose is entirely different. The aim is to enjoy the music and the close connection of the couple in the embrace while taking up physical space on the dance floor.
The rules of the dance floor have to be followed so that all couples can exercise dance in harmony. Milonguero Style was created with those rules in mind. It therefore offers solutions to challenges that may arise in the development of the dance.
Milonguero Style allows us to:
Move with a sense of musicality on the dance floor (counter-clockwise).
Dance in close embrace in small spaces.
Embed elements of choreograpy (figures) where it suits the music and the space.
Milonguero Style emphasises improvisation, musicality, the quality of walking and the embrace.
Most importantly, this traditional style of tango is easily accessible in its basic simplicity. After a few lessons you are ready to take to the dance floor.

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