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The chacarera is a musical expression of Argentina, in the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Tucumán and eastern Chaco.
Santiago del Estero is a large population of African origin by the colonizing power that came from Peru. The slaves sang and beat barrels like an accompaniment mode, during breaks. With remains of barrels, built the drum (bombo), which is essential in black music. In this expression, added the Spanish guitar.
Chacarera dance is cheerful, mischievous and seductive. It is danced in pairs and have a choreography that changes according to different types of chacarera.
Continue dancing in many provinces of Argentina. The typical dress of women have much Spanish influence and man is typical gaucho dress.
It is danced in some milongas of Buenos Aires and is very good combination and Chacarera Tango! This is Argentina!
Sample of Tomas Lipan, Chacarera de las piedras

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